AGD chiller 350 to 650 P

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* Field required

• Feedwater output up to 0.5°C
• Integrated water circulation pump
• Stainless steel harrow exchanger
• Ice accumulation
• Large-capacity insulated water tank
• Operational management PLC
• Water level management
• Customisation available
• Food-grade materials and water
• Total drainage
HEIGHT 1500 mm
WIDTH 4100 mm
DEPTH 1105 mm

* Clearance height required: + 500 mm

These chillers have been developed for industrial capacities ranging from 350 to 650 litres of water per hour.
They are complemented by water dispensing options with cold water / hot water mixing (dispenser models DMT-MA and DMT-PROG).

Output capacity: 350 to 650 litres / hour
Water inlet temperature +20°C
Water outlet temperature +1°C

Output capacity: 700 to 1300 litres / hour
Water inlet temperature +15°C
Water outlet temperature +5°C

Tank volume: 800 L

Empty weight: 480 to 620 kg (from 1280 to 1420 kg in operation)

Electrical power in kW: 8 to 14

Supply voltage: 400V-3ph-50Hz

– Remote refrigeration unit
– Glycol water version
– Tropical version
– Other voltage

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