Our advice on choosing a water chiller

The water chiller is composed of an insulated tank in which water is adjusted and maintained at the ideal temperature for elaboration of your dough, thanks to a powerful refrigeration unit.

Location of the chiller in a bread-making facility

Generally positioned at height on a partition wall close to the mixing trough to save a significant amount of space, as well as to enable gravitational water flow, the water chiller is equipped with a remote control unit which allows the bread-maker to regulate and modify the water temperature setpoint.

Hot water

To have hotter water than mains water in winter, stainless steel immersion heaters (electrical elements) can be added as an optional extra for water heating in our OPTIMAX range.

Temperature variation

If you wish to be able to vary your water temperature several times per day, you are advised to use an automatic water meter with a combination of cold water and hot water (in which case the chiller must be equipped with a pump to ensure sufficient pressure).

Automation of water output in bread-making

SOREMA also makes your work easier by developing metering systems which can be used to automate water output:

Manual output: implementation of a COMPT’O water meter to 1/10th of a litre on the water outlet towards the mixing trough to view the volume of water sent on a digital display. Manual resetting.
Automatic output: programming of the desired volume directly on an automatic water meter. The output will stop automatically. Automatic water meters can be combined with a mixer for a combination of cold water and hot water.

Place your trust in SOREMA who, for over sixty years, have been offering high-end chiller + dispenser units, which are robust, easy to use, and competitively priced! Discover our industrial and artisan bread-making ranges and contact us for more information.