Premium 260

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* Field required

• Compact size
• Temperature setpoint adjustment to +0.5°C
• 316 L stainless steel exchanger
• Easy-clean insulated tank with rounded edges
• Food-grade materials and water
• Available in PREMIUM ECOLOGIC version using R290 gas
HEIGHT 645 mm
WIDTH 885 mm
DEPTH 650 mm

* Clearance height required: + 100 mm

The PREMIUM model is a compact, easy-to-use water cooler with gravitational pouring, ideal for small mixing operations or a starter installation. The “COMPT’O” water meter can be used to view the volume of water sent to the mixing trough.

Output capacity: 30 L / hour
Water inlet temperature +20°C
Water outlet temperature +1°C

Tank volume: 80 L

Empty weight: 55 kg (135 kg in operation)

Electrical power: 0.55 kW

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