Why choose Sorema for your bread-making equipment needs?

Expertise acquired over more than 60 years

As a renowned manufacturer and leader in the cooling field for over 50 years, SOREMA excels in water temperature control and dispensing. “Heat” or “cold” production, ice accumulation, temperature stabilisation… All these crucial operations have led SOREMA to expand its expertise, thereby developing different strengths. Many bread-makers have chosen SOREMA for bread-making equipment and over 25,000 chillers have already been sold worldwide.

The ability to anticipate and plan for greater performance

SOREMA, thanks to its design and research office, can provide the ideal solution for your development. SOREMA’s innovative approach helps provide an ever-better response to the constraints of your sector. As a member of the EKIP association of bread-making equipment manufacturers, SOREMA is in continuous contact with bread-making professionals. Its sales agents in the field convey useful feedback from its distributor customers. SOREMA develops chillers and dispensers with constant concern for performance, hygiene, design and ergonomics.

French manufacturing

SOREMA has a workshop in Cholet, where all components are assembled, having been selected from the top suppliers. As a designer and builder, SOREMA is able to manage the entire manufacturing process of its products. For greater efficiency and responsiveness, our company harnesses the know-how of its regional partners. Serial manufacturing enables SOREMA to meet price and quality objectives. Flexibility is a key asset in adapting to specific demands or deadlines.

A proactive team

SOREMA offers you a highly qualified team, trained in the very latest techniques for design, production, research & development, and maintenance of refrigeration installations for processes or energy recovery. Its expertise is your guarantee of a high-quality, reliable and efficient installation. The SOREMA team is at your disposal to offer you advice and assistance with your plans.