DMT-PROG programmable mixer

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• Programmable volume and temperature
• 3.5" touchscreen with user-friendly interface
• Recipe storage
• Dispensing unit: 0.1 litres
• Mixing of 2 or 3 water sources at different temperatures
HEIGHT 810 mm
WIDTH 501 mm
DEPTH 220 mm

DMT-PROG automatic and programmable mixer with pouring kit (flexible pipe + bar), pressure reducer, set of filters and valves on inlets. Water dispensing with automatic stoppage and electronic programming of desired temperature (hot water and cold water mixing).

This dispenser must always be powered by a water chiller equipped with a pump. Pressure required: 2 bars

Terms of use:
Temperature range 1°C to 65°C
Nominal flow rate: 15 litres per minute at 2 bars
Dispensing precision: +/- 1%
Supply voltage: 240 V single-phase 50/60Hz
Accessory: Dispenser outlet pipe with mixing trough attachment bar, pressure reducer, set of filters and valves for dispenser inlets.

Flow rate: 35 litres per minute or 60 litres per minute
Mixing of 3 water sources (refrigerated water, mains network water, hot water)
Communication modules (RS 232, RS 485, ETHERNET connection)

W. 501 mm x D. 220 mm x H. 810 mm
Weight: 35 kg

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