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SOREMA, Certified Chilling in Your Process

Sorema has acquired over 60 years of expertise in temperature control: study, design and production of industrial water chillers, ice accumulation tanks, production of ice feedwater and a range of refrigerators, freezers and climatic chambers for laboratories.

Because we believe in providing you with the most suitable and cost-effective chilling solution for your process, our engineers study and design high-performance chilling systems suited to our customers’ requirements.

As a manufacturer based in Cholet (France – 49), our skills allow us to offer various types of cooling system for industrial processes:

– Glycol water unit up to -30°C (silicon oils up to -60°C)
– Ice water unit with tank and pump
– Ice accumulation tank
– Water cooling tower
– Air-cooler, dry-cooler
– Sea-water chiller
– Anti-explosion chiller (ATEX standards)
– Hydraulic module: skid including insulated tank + pumps + exchanger

For laboratories:

– Refrigerator
– Freezer from -20 to -80°C
– Refrigerated blood bank
– Incubator


A range of water chillers and feedwater dispensers for industrial and artisan bread-making and the agri-food industry.

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chillers and processes

Standard industrial water chillers for all types of activity and production of custom industrial cold processes.

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Cold cabinets

Range of equipment specially designed for hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories.

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