Sorema company presentation and timeline

SOREMA, a specialist in process chilling, designs and produces a range of water chillers, water meters for bread-making and industrial process chilling. The SOREMA group supports its customers with research into the most suitable chilling systems for their process. We specifically develop and design our refrigeration equipment after studying the entire operation of your process. We devote particular attention to the definition of needs in order to offer the most effective solution.

Deep-rooted expertise

In 1956, Mr Camille Magneron, a refrigeration engineer since 1949, founded “Société de Réfrigération Moderne” (the Modern Refrigeration Company) in Cholet. He then launched production of the first water chiller intended for bread-making, an innovation presented at the Foire de Paris and patented in 1961.

SOREMA (Société des Refroidisseurs Magneron) (the Magneron Chillers Company) was then founded in 1963, specialising in the design of feedwater chillers for artisan and industrial bread-makers. The water chiller, essential in bread-making, enables the chilling of mains water, which is mixed with dough during kneading, making it possible to control the final temperature of the dough.

Expertise in water chilling for over 50 years

SOREMA has therefore focussed on this specialisation during its development, successfully adapting it to all water chilling applications or industrial processes in the agri-food sectors and other industries.



Mr Camille Magneron begins working as a refrigeration engineer in Cholet.


Camille Magneron founds the “Société de Réfrigération Moderne” (the Modern Refrigeration Company) and establishes his workshop at 93 rue Barjot in Cholet.
At the time, he has a staff of eight.


Mr Magneron launches production of the first water chiller intended for bread-making: an innovation presented at the Foire de Paris.


Submission of a patent for the bread-making water chiller
The first SOREMA chiller


Foundation of SOREMA (Société de Refroidisseurs Magneron) (Magneron Chillers Company)


The workshop at 93 rue Barjot no longer being sufficient, a new workshop and offices need to be built at 89A to cope with demand.
Production of all immersion exchangers (coils and harrows) in stainless steel (replacing copper)


Mr Magneron, at the age of 73, sells his stake to two of the company’s employees:
– Mr Didier Auger: account manager
– Mrs Praud: secretary.


SOREMA moves to Cormier industrial park in Cholet on a 5000 m² site, with 200 m² of offices and 1500 m² of workshop space.
– Specialisation by the company in feedwater chilling.
– Numerous high-profile customers in bread-making and the agri-food industries.


Development of automatic water meters.


SOREMA changes status from a limited company to a joint-stock company


Cetim hygiene certification for the GLASSIEL chiller


General roll-out of fully drainable tanks for industrial bread-making chillers


SOREMA acquires the company FACIS, (Société de Froid Appliqué Commercial Industriel et Scientifique) (Commercial, Industrial and Scientific Applied Refrigeration Company) in Bonneuil-sur-Marne (94).


Sale of the first OPTIMUM 360


Marketing of the OPTIMAX range of chillers with an OPTIBOX remote control unit enabling management of water dispensing options.


Development of the BUÉEN’O oven steam condenser
Innovation award at the EUROPAIN trade show


Development of the PREMIUM 260 water chiller.
Retirement of Mr. Auger, and acquisition of SOREMA by three executives, with financial participation from Ouest Croissance (a subsidiary of Banque Populaire).
– Thibaut Colin becomes President,
– Laurent Picherit is Technical Director,
– Marie-Paule Auger is Chief Financial Officer.


Development of the DMT-PROG programmable cold water / hot water dispenser