Why choose Sorema for your industrial water chilling needs?

Certified chilling in your process

Sorema has acquired over fifty years of expertise in fluid temperature control, including the study, design and production of industrial water chillers and ice accumulation tanks for temperature control in industrial processes, feedwater production, and chilling various exchangers and machines.

Because we believe in providing you with the most suitable and cost-effective chilling solution for your process, our engineers study and design high-performance chilling systems suited to our customers’ requirements.


As a manufacturer based in Cholet (France – 49), our skills allow us to offer various types of fluid cooling

  • Glycol water units up to -30°C (silicon oils up to -60°C)
  • Ice water units with tank and automatic filling
  • Ice accumulation tanks
  • Water cooling towers
  • Air-coolers, dry-coolers
  • Sea-water chillers
  • Anti-explosion chillers (ATEX standards)
  • Hydraulic modules: skid including insulated tank + pumps + exchanger


Chilling a double-wall mixer, an autoclave, a thermoforming machine or an extruder, or a container of brine, acid or paint, are just some of the applications on which our design office works.


A double offer for greater effectiveness

SOREMA offers you both “standard” and “special” equipment in order to preserve your processes and products.


Choose responsiveness

Serving and supporting your development in a competitive manner.


The ability to anticipate and plan for greater performance

Providing, with our design and research office, the ideal solution for your development.


Expert advice for greater security

Ensuring rigorous maintenance in cooperation with your technical service department.


The responsible approach to better “quality”

Protecting and respecting the environment by continuously recycling our fluids and developing energy recovery solutions.


Highly qualified staff for greater technical know-how

Having the best resources tomorrow means training them today. SOREMA is “Qualifroid” and “Qualiclima” certified.