SOREMA water chillers RIS H series - (from 1 to 54 kw)

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• Large capacity water tank
• Can operate with fresh water up to +1°C
• No risk of exchanger clogging
• Gravitational return as optional extra
• Stainless steel body for agri-food applications (chilling thermoforming machines, etc.)
HEIGHT 1235 mm
WIDTH 625 mm
DEPTH 720 mm

Stainless steel body mobile chiller, with air condenser and atmospheric pressure tank. Designed to be used for chilling machines or exchangers in agri-food workshops. Chilling by immersion coil.
– Buffer tank of 40 to 800 litres in polyethylene or insulated polyester (according to models)
– Evaporator of stainless steel coil type or with plates (according to models)
– R404A hermetic refrigeration compressor with air condenser, helical fan
– Distribution pump (1 m3/h at 2.5 bars to 3 m3/h at 1.3 bars)
– Safety by-pass
– Automatic water back-up and overflow
– Agitator
– Electronic regulator
– Correct water level indicator
– Electrical cabinet for power and operation management

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