HITEMA chiller ENR Series 1 to 440 Kw

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    • Chiller ready for connection
    • Air condensation
    • Evaporator of insulated tank immersion type or multi-tubular type
    • Complete hydraulic circuit: tank, pump, manometer, etc.
    • Coolant: R410A
    • Free-cooling on request
    • Heat recovery

    Ice water unit designed for machine and process chilling. The device is loaded with coolant (R410A) and subjected to complete operational tests in the factory. Numerous optional extras: Stainless steel tank, 5 bar tank, anti-freeze resistance, desuperheater, etc.

    – Frame: Made with electro-welded extra-thick steel tubes
    – Panels: Painted steel RAL7035
    – Compressor(s): Rotating (ENR 005) or scroll type (ENR 008 to ENR 480)

    Soldered stainless steel plate type (for ENR001/002)
    Insulated buffer tank immersion type (ENR.003 to ENR100)
    Multi-tubular type (ENR130 to 480)

    – Air condenser: Battery of copper tubes and aluminium fins

    – Fan(s): Helical, speed variation type (as of ENR 030)

    Refrigeration circuit:
    The refrigeration circuits are produced (according to model) with mono, bi or tri-compressor in
    tandem configuration.

    2 refrigeration circuits for 130 to 440 kW models

    Main components:
    Expansion capillary (according to model)
    Thermostatic pressure-reducing valve (according to model)
    Dehydrating filter
    Liquid indicator (according to model)
    Liquid solenoid valve (according to model)
    HP/BP safety pressure switch(es) (according to model and optional extra)
    HP/BP manometer(s) (according to models and optional extra)

    Complete hydraulic circuit:
    Carbon steel buffer volume (Fe 360)
    2.5 bar pump
    Enables operational inertia
    Pressure-relief valve for pressurised circuit (according to model)
    Water manometer (according to model)
    Flow controller for evaporator protection (according to model)
    Manual air vent valve (according to model)
    By-pass (optional extra)

    Basic electronic regulator with digital display (according to model and optional extra)
    Microprocessor with digital display (according to model and optional extra)