Ice accumulation tank – RIS AG series

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• Fresh water to +1°C
• Accumulate power for ad hoc needs
• Enables acceptance of hot returns at start of cycle
• Accumulate energy at low cost, by direct expansion or by glycol water
• System deliverable with or without refrigeration unit
• Single-unit tank ready for connection

Storage units for glycol water or direct expansion water chilling to +1°C enabling the accumulation of refrigeration energy in the form of ice.

Applications: Chilling of autoclaves, mixers, pots and double-wall tanks, vegetable washing, chilling of mains network feedwater, chilling of various exchangers.

Principle: The energy required for chilling a process is already stored in the form of ice before the temperature decrease cycle.

Rapid chilling time thanks to the ability of the stored ice to absorb significant refrigeration power at beginning of cycle.

Flexibility of use thanks to the ability to melt ice when required according to the necessary refrigeration production, which varies at each stage in the cycle (high at the beginning, low towards end).

Permanent water production at +1°C, in complete safety thanks to ice production around stainless steel tubes without risk of ice formation inside exchangers, often responsible for deterioration of refrigeration machinery as a whole with conventional water chillers.

Return water temperature and receiver chilling water flow rate totally independent from the refrigeration machine (accepts high return temperatures).

Cold production and storage possible during off-peak hours to reduce electricity charges or spread electricity consumption.

Maintenance cost half as high as for a standard market water chiller.

Technical specifications
Polyester tanks insulated with polyurethane foam
Stainless steel harrow type exchanger 316 L
Glycol water exchanger to -8°C or with a refrigeration gas by direct expansion
Regulating solenoid valve (glycol water version) or thermostatic pressure-reducing valve (direct expansion version)
Ice water distribution pump with safety by-pass, flow regulation valve and manometer
Drainage valve, overflow
Automatic water back-up
Return loop delay
Access hatches
Electrical cabinet for power and operation management
Refrigeration unit on request
Optional pump frost protection

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