HITEMA chiller SBS series 98 to 1350 Kw

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• Air condensation
• Scroll type compressors
• Multi-tubular type evaporator
• Hydraulic circuit with optional extras: Tank, pump, manometer, flow rate controller, etc.
• Coolant: R410A
• Heat recovery

Our range of industrial water chillers with scroll compressor operates with R410A coolant.

Each unit is designed according to your specifications.

Compressors: scroll with sturdy casing

– copper soldered stainless steel plate type (SBS 095 to SBS 160)
– multi-tubular type (SBS 190 to SBS 1360)

Air condenser: copper “V” battery with aluminium fins, enabling reduced dimensions

Electronic regulator enabling adjustment of setpoints and parameters with display of alarms:
Indication of water input and output temperature
Alarm identification and viewing
Start-up flow regulator delay
Operating time meter for compressors
Rotation of compressors
Non-simultaneous activation of compressors
Operation indicator
Manual operation
Manual resetting

– high and low pressure, oil and thermal for each compressor
– fan thermal
– anti-freeze
– flow regulator

Higher energy efficiency
Free-cooling available on all models
Double or triple refrigeration circuits (except SBS 095 to 160 with 1 circuit)

Further optional extras available
Single or double pump, high pressure
Internal buffer tanks
Anti-corrosion finish
Partial or total heat recovery
Protective grid
Low noise level

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