HITEMA chiller CSE series 30 to 370 Kw

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* Field required

• Centrifugal fans for air outlet sheathing
• Evaporator of insulated tank immersion type or multi-tubular type
• Complete hydraulic circuit: tank, pump, manometer, etc.

The CSE ice water units are designed for an installation with sheathing of hot air extraction from the condenser. Water chiller with single-unit air condensation with centrifugal fan. Delivered ready for on-site installation.

Frame: With electro-welded extra-thick steel tubes

Panels: Aluminium

Compressor: Scroll type

Tank immersion type (models CSE 30 to CSE 100)
Multi-tubular type (models CSE 130 to CSE 370)

Air condenser: Battery of copper tubes and aluminium fins

Centrifugal type with pressure available at chiller outlet.
Outdoor condenser battery

Refrigeration circuit components:
Thermostatic pressure-reducing valve
Dehydrating filter
Liquid indicator
Liquid solenoid valve
High-pressure / low-pressure safety switch
High-pressure manometers & Low pressure manometers

Complete hydraulic circuit:
Pressurised buffer volume
Pressure-relief valve for pressurised circuit
Automatic air vent valve
Centrifugal pump
Automatic by-pass
Flow controller for evaporator protection
Water manometer

Basic electronic regulator with digital display (according to model and optional extra)
Microprocessor with digital display (according to model and optional extra)

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