Optimum SP

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* Field required

• Continuous pouring
• 316 L stainless steel double exchanger
• Ice accumulation
• Food-grade materials and water
HEIGHT 990 mm
WIDTH 1050 mm
DEPTH 660 mm

* Clearance height required: + 100 mm

The OPTIMUM SP operates under mains network water pressure. The process water is chilled in motion as it passes through the stainless steel coil.

It is recommended to combine this chiller with a cold water/hot water mixer dispenser.

Output capacity: 40 or 60 litres per hour (depending on model)
Water inlet temperature +15°C
Water outlet temperature +5°C

Empty weight: 62 kg (192 kg in operation)

Electrical power in kW: 0.7 to 0.9

Supply voltage: 230V-1ph-50Hz

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