DM water meter

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• Automatic single dispensing
• Dispensing precision +/- 2%
• Volume determination: 1 to 999 L
• Dispensing unit: L
• Automatic stoppage during use
• Dispensing to 1/10th of a litre as an optional extra
• Restarting after stoppage with memorisation of volume already sent
HEIGHT 385 mm
WIDTH 350 mm
DEPTH 175 mm

Device enabling single dispensing, with electronic metering and automatic stoppage of  water volume without control of process water temperature.

Terms of use:
Water temperature below 50°C
Nominal flow rate: 15 litres per minute at 2 bars
Supply voltage: 240V single-phase 50Hz
Accessory: dispenser outlet pipe with mixing trough attachment bar.
Pump servomechanism dry contact.

Determination to 1/10th of a litre for volumes of 0.1 to 99.9 litres.
Higher output rate on request.

W. 350 mm x D. 175 mm x H. 385 mm
Weight: 9 kg

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